Working with You and for You

Founded in 1988, the New York State Berry Growers Association (NYSBGA) is a nonprofit educational association for berry growers, from large wholesale family farms to independent farm stands and small pick-your-own operations, across New York State. The NYSBGA promotes the growing and marketing of berries through the exchange of valuable information, including scientific research and farming techniques. We also represent growers in issues of labor, research, and technology, both academically and legislatively.

Funding Research

The NYSBGA has awarded more than $40,000 in research grants, paid for through member dues, primarily to Cornell University researchers and extension staff, to study and address issues important to New York State berry growers. A portion of annual membership dues go toward this research each year, and the results are shared with all members.

Since spotted wing drosophila invaded New York State in 2012, the NYSBGA has obtained more than $1.9 million from the state legislature, the Invasive Species Council, and the NYS Farm Viability Institute to conduct research and education programs to help NYS growers manage the threat from this devastating, invasive insect pest.

Providing Benefits to All NYSBGA Members

All of our members have access to a variety of information, services, and benefits, including:

  • A monthly newsletter featuring the latest research, tips, member news, and upcoming events.

  • A listing in our Find-a-Farm directory, the top-ranked page for online searches for “New York State berries.”

  • Your farm profiled in our newsletter, on our blog, or on our Facebook page.

  • The most up-to-date information on Spotted Wing Drosophila—with more than $300,000 dedicated each year to research and education—as well as text, e-mail, and postcard alerts to help you effectively manage SWD.

  • Discounted registration fees and a variety of networking and hands-on educational opportunities at sponsored workshops.

  • A voice in the New York State Senate Agriculture Committee, the Department of Agriculture and Markets, and the Department of Environmental Conservation on issues that directly affect berry growers, and the opportunity to educate on the berry industry’s positive effects on health.

  • First access to testing advanced selections from Dr. Courtney Weber’s breeding program.

  • A voice in both Cornell University’s and national research projects that affect berry producers.

  • Direct access to administrators at Cornell and the Geneva Experiment Station for discussing the future of support for the berry industry.

  • Representation at the state and national levels on issues of labor, food safety, research priorities, invasive species, value-added funding, and more.

  • Media and consumer outreach about the benefits of berries and berry industry issues.


Board of Directors

Dale Ila Riggs, The Berry Patch, Co-Chair

Paul Baker, Executive Secretary

David Duda, Duda’s Blues

Tony Emmi, Emmi & Sons, Inc., Treasurer

Bruce Carson, Carson’s Farm

Amy Machamer, Hurd Orchards

Liz Madison, Empire Drip Supply, Co-Chair

Chuck Mead, Mead Orchards, LLC

Terry Mosher, Mosher Farms

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