2018 New York State Berry Market Analysis

New York State Berry Growers association berry pricing survey.jpg

By Trent Davis
Dr. Miguel Gomez
Dr. Marvin Pritts


In 2019, Cornell Food Industry Management Program in conjunction with the New York State Berry Growers Association distributed a berry pricing survey to 414 commercial berry growers across New York State. The survey was distributed to make recent statewide berry pricing information available to commercial berry growers so they may be able to better evaluate the economic returns of their various berry crops. The information collected will be able to see how berry pricing trends have evolved since 2013, when the most recent NY state berry pricing survey was conducted. Information from the previous studies conducted in 2009 and 2006 will also be included.


The survey distributed in 2019 was the same pricing survey commercial berry producers received in 2009. Producers were asked to list the prices they received during the 2012 season for four major berry crops (strawberries, blueberries, brambles (raspberries, blackberries), and ribes (currants, gooseberries)) – all currently being grown in NY state. Growers were also given the opportunity to list other berry crops, and the related pricing information, on the survey. Pricing information was requested for three markets; pick-your-own (PYO), wholesale, and retail venues (farmers market, farm stores, fruit stands). Producers were also asked if they used their berry crops in value added products, and if they were organically certified.


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